Liz Ziebarth


Liz grew up on a farm in New Jersey where she got her creative streak from her father, an artist, and mother, a writer. She is classically trained and originally started undergrad on an opera/classical scholarship. She then transferred to pursue a career as a singer-songwriter at Berklee College of Music.

Daniel Alvarez De Toledo

(Vocals, Electric Guitar, Keys)

Dan grew up in Newburyport, Mass. An accomplished pianist who has opened for Bruce Hornsby, Alvarez De Toledo is also an extremely talented guitar player, bringing jammy solos and bluesy riffs into the band’s sound.

Pedro Calloni


Pedro grew up in Rio De Janeiro, the son of a Brazilian soap opera star, he was originally drawn to law before pursuing a career in music at Berklee. The drum major has come into his own as a bassist with Dear June, laying down funky bass lines and tying the whole sound together.

Harry Burr


Harry hails from Cambridge, England and found his love for music in the guitar. While at Berklee, the up and coming producer has come a long way as a percussionist. Harry’s crisp sound behind the drums and ear for musical engineering is showcased in Dear June.